The VBE systems is a high precision system designed mainly for projects. And 16 mm slat blind located in a 27 or 29 mm air cavity is operated by a powerful 24 V DC encoder designed by Orshade  specifically for use inside a double or a triple glazed unit.

The motor is controlled by a cutting-edge controller type MCU7201\9201 designed by Orshade. Through the MCU, even hundreds of blinds can be operated in synchronization, divided into groups of blinds and commanded by various means – wall switches, remote controls, BMS\home-automation or different sensors.

Through a unique triple and tri-motor system, the VBE is available in sizes of up to 16 M2. The VBE can be fitted in façade systems, sliding doors, bi-fold doors, dri-kip, Hebe-schiebe and other types of openings.