Orshade’s divisions

Orshade Daylight control systems

Orshade DCS develops and markets double and triple glazed shading systems. Orshade also provide training, technical support and service to all of the professionals involved in the systems’ installation process– glass processors, frame makers, electricians and low voltage technicians working on site.

Orshade Electronics

Orshade Electronics’ develops control and command devices – controllers, encoder motors, home automation communication gateways and remote controls (RF\IR). All of these devices are developed with the specific requirements of double\triple glazed shading systems in mind.

Orshade Europe

Orshade’s HQ in Europe, which operates from Aalborg, Denmark, manages all of Orshade’s activity in the continent, providing technical support services, logistics and account management to its clients.

Insulating-glass A.L.K

A market leading architectural glass processing factory, supplying mainly to the Israeli project market for nearly 30 years. Orshade’s vast experience in glass allows us a better understanding of the challenges our clients in the glass processing business are confronted with.