Daylight control perception

Architects, designers and initiators today utilize more glass than ever before for the building envelope in windows, curtain walls and different types of façades. This trend presents new fascinating challenges for builders. Orshade is proud to present a line of integrative solutions to these different challenges.

Control daylight by a push of a button

Natural daylight in different living environments – work, home and public – has proven itself as the healthy and more pleasant choice. This is why Orshade offers its clients a precise, synchronized control of as many as hundreds of blinds by a single push of a button.

A uniform façade appearance

Using Orshade’s double glazed blinds gives a façade neat, uniform appearance leaving the residents free to use a shading element of their choice without breaking the overall appearance designed by the architects.

Clean living

Orshade’s shading and black out systems are encapsulated inside an insulating glass unit and will never accumulate dust, dirt or bacteria. Orshade’s systems will never require any maintenance or periodic cleaning.

Reduced energy consumption

With more natural sunlight entering the living environment during the winter and less heat penetrating during the summer, Orshade’s shading systems help reduce the overall levels of energy consumed by residents for both artificial lighting and climate control.